Captain Stirling Pharmacy

screenshot2512The Captain Stirling Pharmacy team members comprises of twelve (12) pharmacists: Jack Benn, Sol Benn (JP), Tom Andrew, David Stephenson, Christina Webb, Gwen Linley, Priyanka(Pri), Barve, Michelle Chong, Daniel Rocco, Keenan Inderjeeth and Indira Mariappan. Indira is also a qualified naturopath , Keenan is a dentist and Daniel is studying medicine. Collectively they have over 195 years experience in the health and well being profession. The team is supported by an array of well-trained pharmacy assistants and lab technicians.  Jack Benn is the Senior Pharmacist who is supported closely by Nancy Metcalf-Beckwith, head Pharmacy Assistant. Nancy has over 35 years experience, meaning she is well versed in all aspects of the pharmacy.

Here at Captain Stirling Pharmacy, it is our mission to provide you with the best health and holistic medical services available. We practice Integrated Medicine and it is our personal mission to offer the best service with a smile!