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Upton’s Paste acts as a corrosive agent for warts. The active ingredients are Trichloroacetic Acid 10% W/W which is a caustic agent and Salicylic Acid 60% W/W and which is keratolytic (causes softening and separation of the stratum corneum of the epidermis) and Glycerin is the vehicle to make a paste.

This preparation removes the hyperkeratotic areas and destroys the underlying epidermis. Directions for use: Apply sparingly to warts twice daily, taking care to avoid surrounding skin, using an appropriate applicator eg cuticle stick, toothpick, cotton bud (Q tip applicator). Skin may be protected using a paraffin based product eg Vaseline, or by painting clear nail polish around the good skin and then by applying a plaster with a hole cut out in the size of the wart. The use of a razor blade, a pumice stone or emery board/nail file to remove dead skin may be useful prior to the application of the paste The wart should then be covered using a plaster. Once a week leave dressing off for several hours, then pare down the dead dark black skin of the wart with a razor blade or pumice stone, then repeat the process. Refer to the Captain Stirling Upton’s Paste Protocol on reverse side.

Cautions and Contraindications: Trichloroacetic Acid is highly caustic and this preparation may be irritating. Cease use if pain or inflammation occurs. Care should be taken when used on patients with peripheral vascular disease or neuropathy eg people with diabetes. For these patients, particularly if being used for plantar warts, it is recommended that regular checks (eg. by the patient or carer) be undertaken to ensure that the normal skin is not affected. The advice of a podiatrist may be useful under such circumstances

Uptons Paste Wart Treatment Protocol

Captain Stirling Pharmacy

(Revised 16/03/2014)

Step 1:                  Buy “Blue labelled” Leukoplast ™ from pharmacy

Step 2:                  Using a paper punch, punch a hole in the Leukoplast

Step 3:                  Paint clear nail polish over healthy skin. Place the Leukoplast over the wart

Step 4:                  To assist in penetration of the paste use a sharpened cuticle stick to gently press in to the centre of the wart, gently twist to break the skin surface. Apply Upton’s Paste.

Step 5:                 Cover with more Leukoplast

Repeat these 5 steps every night after soaking in bath shower or bucket (after removing old Leukoplast).

Once a week, leave dressing off for several hours, then pare down the dead, dark, black skin, of the wart with a Gem™ razor blade or pumice stone. Then repeat the above process.