Cosmeceuticals employ a fusion of scientific research and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to boost the skin’s appearance. Custom-prepared creams can soothe the skin and diminish the appearance of rashes, redness and inflammation. They also aid in soothing dry, cracked skin—improving moisturization and treating blemishes and other problem areas.

Topical and oral administration of antioxidants such as vitamins E and C, coenzyme Q10, alpha-lipoic acid and glutathione enhance anti-aging effects. Other antioxidants such as green tea, dehydroepiandrosterone, melatonin, selenium and resveratrol, have also anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects.

Topical bleaching agents such as hydroquinone, kojic acid and azelaic acid can reduce signs of aging. Studies confirm the efficacy of these topical agents in combination with superficial and/or medium depth or deep peeling agents for photodamaged skin treatment.

Based on individual patient needs, preparations may also contain retinoids, hydroxy acids, bleaching agents, moisturizers, and sunscreens