Captain Stirling Pharmacy

Specialist Compounding has opened the doors for prescribers to give their patients the best possible care.

This level of patient care includes a better range of treatment possibilities for those who have been limited by commercially prepared medications in the past. With the vast and various needs of patients today Professional Compounding is in increasing demand.

Compounding Professionals:

Our highly trained compounding professionals are trained to operate the state-of-the-art equipment we have, in order to create an individualised medicine specifically designed for you and your patients needs.

Our team’s understanding of the essential chemicals and processes behind Compounding allows them to design exactly what is called for. There is no room for error with compounding and we are continually doing potency testing. Our experience has helped us build a proficiency in the industry.

We can prepare:

  • Custom medications free of specific problem causing dyes, lactose, sugar, or alcohol.
  • Medications that are not currently commercially available
  • Specific dosage forms designed for each individual
  • Unique dosage forms not commercially available; (eg: “chewies”, lollipops, trochies, and transdermal gels).
  • Combination medications that contain compatible medicines in a single dosage form for easier administration and improved compliance

Compounding allows us to develop a unique medication that is tailored to your specific medical concerns.   Many pharmacies take a one-size-fits-all approach to some medications.   That is not the case with our professional compounding team.

We are devoted to understanding individual medication needs, providing you the best options to help you achieve a better-all-around medication.

When it comes to choosing medication for your patients choose a pharmacy that is as concerned with their health as you are. Our compounding pharmacists are your best option for professional compounded medication that provides results.

We recognize the value in being part of the total care solution for your patients, and you are welcome to use us as your resource for answering any questions you might have about compounding and tailored medicines. We can also provide useful information that you can pass on to your patients

We look forward to building a close relationship with you, so we can help you provide the best possible medication care for your patients.