About Captain Stirling Pharmacy

Captain Stirling Pharmacy is proud to be a specialist compounding pharmacy. Compounding is the science of preparing customised medications personalised to the individual patient. We practice a highly individualised approach which encompasses both mainstream and complementary therapies, In addition we practice functional medicine and testing to target your special needs.

We accommodate for the extraordinary needs or conditions of both humans and animals. We look after the whole family.

3A/150 Stirling Highway, Nedlands WA
(Taylor Road entrance opposite Supa IGA)


The Captain Stirling Pharmacy team’s mission is to provide service with a smile, to provide the best health and holistic medical service and support to our patients. Our aim is:

  • To stock the best product ranges in each department within the pharmacy
  • To provide personalised medicine for optimal wellness
  • To provided integrated treatment using different therapies in combination for optimal wellness
  • To provide functional medicine and testing focusing on how your body works
  • To provide nutritional therapy to adjust the body’s chemistry to promote healing
  • To maintain a standard of excellence in education and product knowledge
  • To ensure that our patients interest are best served
  • To provided the highest customer service and support
  • To offer and suggest lifestyle changes that can become a tool for healing
  • To use the purest pharmaceutical ingredients available to prepare products of unequaled quality
  • To help Vets and Pets
  • To provide 7 day service with extended trading hours from 8am to 8pm
  • To be a centre for health and well being

Captain Stirling Pharmacy is your partner in compounding medications, we are pleased to help our patients and doctors address their individual medicinal requirements, enabling safer and more affordable healthcare solutions. Captain Stirling Pharmacy’s goal is patient safety, simple solutions to complex problems, supplying medications that are patient specific in strength and formulation. The difference is found in both our quality and extra personal service, delivered with a smile.

At Captain Stirling Pharmacy our compounding pharmacists believe in the simple principle that every patient has unique needs. Pharmaceutical Solutions means made to order medications to meet the individual’s unique needs. Common examples include our natural hormone replacement therapies, dose adjustment formulations, ADHD medications, MS medications and vitamin formulations all hand made with the highest quality of chemical ingredients formulated by our specialist pharmacists.

IMG_0356Your health is our Number One concern. Since every patient is unique, the strength or dosage form of their medication needs to be specifically formulated to meet individual requirements. Both men and woman can benefit from personalised bio-identical hormone replacement therapies. Ask us for more information and we would be delighted to direct you to medical practitioners who specialise in this specific area of medicine.

Taking your medicine is important, don’t run out, order your refills on line by email, facsimile or call us. Here at Captain Stirling Pharmacy we provide a mail order delivery service to all areas of Australia! Working with us is easy, we accept all major credit cards, and can even ship cold chain medication. Ask us for more information on our postage service.

Captain Stirling Pharmacy is QCPP accredited by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. We are also a member of the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia and America (PCCA). As members of PCCA, we have access to more than 20 consultant pharmacists ready to provide additional technical support, as well as access to a database of in excess of 10,000 proprietary formulas.

In addition we pride ourselves on our in house continuous further educational programmes, our pharmacists attend all major international educational symposiums on such topics as HRT for Women and Men, Adrenal Fatigue, Womens Hormones, hCG Medical Weight Loss Diet and numerous webinairs, Overcoming Thyroid Disorder, Topical Treatments for Neuropathic Pain Management, and attending The Australian Acadamy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A5M). Accredited by the USA  HCG Diet Council as a Professional Member. Member of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).

The Captain Stirling Pharmacy team is led by Jack Benn, Sol Benn and Tom Andrew. Jack and Sol have in excess of 110 years of pharmacy experience between them! They have seen pharmacy from when preparing products were the norm, to now, when preparing customised individual products is at the forefront in pharmacy. Tom Andrew was the first pharmacist in WA to gain certification with the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M). Furthermore he is the only pharmacist in WA to hold both an A5M certification and ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) certification. A degree in organic chemistry has meant Tom has always spent time in a laboratory throughout his professional career. If there is a customised personal formula to be made, Captain Stirling Pharmacy has the team to do it.

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Here at Captain Stirling Pharmacy, it is our mission to provide you with the best health and holistic medical services available. We practice Integrated Medicine and it is our personal mission to offer the best service with a smile!