Pregnancy and Paediatrics

We all know the challenges of getting children to take their medicine.   They often don’t like the flavour, taste, colour or texture, and getting them to take their prescribed dosages usually becomes some type of battle.

Through compounding we help ease this process. Our team of professionals can customise many types of medications, specially tailoring them to your child’s specific wants and needs.

Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all solution, The Compounding Facility has the unique ability to customize flavours and provide individualized strengths and dosages.

If ‘chocolate’ is her favourite flavour, we can customize a special medication just for her. If lollipops or gummy treats are what he craves, we can create a lollipop-style or gummy-like medication exclusively for him.  Let us make a special medication for your child. We promise, we’re here to make it all better.